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Sportyfox is the brain child of 4 sports minded dads who realized the need for a simple way to keep track of their kids busy athletic schedule . Realizing we were not alone in our need for a better way, this is what we came up with. What you see here is just the beginning of something great. With your help and support we are going to grow Sportyfox into the go to App for team, club, and league management. Lets Play Ball !!!!!!!!!!!!

Check Out These Great Features

Contact Information

Easy access to your contacts


Organize Your Team 's Schedule

My Team

List of your team and contact information


Create your own groups to chat with or share files


Send a sports gift

Share Location

Lets you send your location to your team members


With Sportyfox you can get the whole neighborhood involved. With one low yearly fee the amount of people you can link to your account is unlimited. Keep family, friends, sponsors,and supporters informed of your teams every move while limiting content to only the groups you choose . As a school administrator Sportyfox can be used as a communication tool for all of your sports teams. Coaches can contact players and parents via text and e-mail all under the watchful eye of Princples and Atheletic directors . Selling spirit wear, game tickets and fundraising becomes a whole lot easier with Sportyfox.


As a league president or manager, scheduling games and tournaments has never been easier. Scheduling conflicts are all but eliminated because our calendar puts it in the palm of your hand for all to see. Last minute cancellations or entries are handled on the fly with ease by way of android or iOS compatible phones, pads or tablets.Plan for a weekend Basketball Tournament or a 4 month long over 30 softball league, Sportyfox makes the hardest part of the day deciding where to go for wings after the fun is over.

Manage Your Team,Club or Organization Any time, Any Place With SPORTYFOX.

Our goal at SPORTYFOX is to make organizing, running and communicating with your team,club or organization as economical and easy as possible, so you can spend more time for coaching, teaching or having fun.


Sportyfox is a simple, efficient and economical way to manage your team ,teams, clubs or organizations.Whether you're a football coach or the captain of your office Dodgeball team Sportyfox can help you manage,schedule and organize games,practices,or social events and take the stress out of having fun.

Manage Your Teams and Leagues On the Go

  • Calender: Organize Your Team's Schedule
  • Chat: Chat with your team from the app and from the web
  • Video: Upload a video to youtube and share
  • My Groups: Create your own groups to chat with or share files
  • My Team: List of your team and contact information
  • My Gallery: Upload photos and share
  • Training: List of training videos
  • Events: Sport events and meetings
  • Profile: Your team profiles

  • Map: Location of events
  • Notes: You can take your own notes
  • Share: Share the app with others (requires a user account)
  • Live Stream: You can stream a SKYPE video call (requires skype)
  • Contacts: Easy access to your contacts
  • Share Location: Lets you send your location to your team members
  • Store: Equipment store
  • Gift: Send a sports gift
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